What We Do: Flood Insurance Rate Consulting for Property Owners

Straight forward answers to your questions about flood insurance

When it comes to flood insurance, most people have more questions than answers. That’s where we come in. We provide you with savvy, powerful advice on the topic of flood insurance and advocate on your behalf to

  • explore ways to eliminate the flood insurance requirement or reduce the cost of flood insurance
  • investigate ways to change the flood zone designation
  • explain the eligibility requirements of the various flood insurance rating programs
  • examine the issues involved in your specific situation
  • research answers to your specific questions

Our proven process is designed to quickly and carefully assess your unique situation and make straightforward, detailed recommendations that are easy to understand and easy to act on.

Our Fee

The consulting fee consists of

  • $400 retainer, fully earned, for up to 4 hours of our services,
  • Additional time at $75/hour, if necessary.

Getting started

We’ve also made it easy to get started.

Complete the Consulting Service Agreement found here.

  • Describe your situation and sign the Agreement.
  • Arrange for payment by E-check (for immediate help, call us with your checking account info) or mail your paper check, payable to Thill-Demerly Agency, Inc., to 5329 Broadway, Lancaster, NY 14086.
  • Send us current .jpg pictures of your structure’s perimeter. We prefer a file size of about 200 KB.
  • Send your related documents, such as any existing policy declaration pages (including those forced-placed by a lender or of the existing property owner), lender documents on flood insurance requirements, Elevation Certificate, etc.

Scanned documents and jpgs may be emailed to dan.king@thilldemerly.com or faxed to (716) 683-4497.

We expect to complete the consulting project within days of receipt of all necessary documents and any other requested information, such as answers to follow-up questions.

We reserve the right to cancel the contract after reviewing your situation. If we choose to cancel, you will receive a full refund.


  • Carol in VA: “Dan was very helpful and spent hours with me. His two suggestions reduced my flood insurance from over $1,700 to $330.”
  • Mickey in TN: “It took many documents and conversations, but following Dan’s suggestions I was able to replace my $1,756 policy with one for $850.”
  • Matt in MD: “Dan explained how I was on the wrong track in trying to reduce my flood premium. I was eventually successful in reducing my premium from $2,647 to $1,072.”
  • Guy in NJ will save over $2,000 a year (estimated) when his new flood map is adopted.
  • Vicky in NY was told that her $750 policy was going up to $7,000. After a $1,000 change to her building, the premium will drop to $276/year.
  • Elisa in NY: “Dan showed me how to lock-in the old flood zone rates. This will save me many thousands of dollars in the future and increase the value of my house when I eventually sell. Also, he suggested I make a change to my house that can save me even more money.”
  • Peter in NY: “Dan suggested I contact a local surveyor knowledgeable in applying for an eLOMA. The eLOMA was successful and I was able to eliminate the requirement for flood insurance. I was then eligible for the cheap Preferred Risk Program.”
  • Cary M in Decatur, GA: “My flood policy went from $3800/year to $372 and I could not have done it without your help. THANK YOU again for your expertise and help.”

Actual savings depend on the unique characteristics of each situation. Results are not guaranteed.